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Label Scrapped

2007-09-29 21:02:16 by G9

Due to lack of interest and activity, I've scrapped the label site.


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2007-10-02 22:48:19

hmm, it is sad, I had hoped that this time it would have taken off. Of course, I was also largely to blame. I'm sorry G9, I simply did not have the time to do anything. If you read my profile you'll see why.

I admire and respect your attempts to bring Newgrounds musicians more exposure, maybe we're just not ready for it yet.

Best of luck to your future journeys, I apologize for my failure, I hope if you consider attempting something like this again, you'll let me know, so I can try to help you better that time.

G9 responds:

There's no failure on your part man. I think I'm trying to creating a supply without demand... it's fine. More time on my part.


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