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"Can't wait 'til the 12th of September!"

The animation was okay... a background track wouldn't have hurt. It was pretty funny though, I have to admit... well, while this belonged in the alpha portal, it served it's purpose... at least for me. I want to watch the full version. Can't wait 'til the 12th of September!

Good luck,

"Humor-wise, the end was the definition."

Not bad... the animation was average, but the lip syncing needed some work. As the other guy reviewed, not streaming your audio is probably your issue. Perhaps a soft lounge track from the Audio Portal wouldn't hurt. Humor-wise, the end was the definition.

Good work,

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"Just a little short of professional..."

Percussion IMO should not stop completely at :29 and 1:12... leave like a quarter note hi-hat or something.

I agree with Chron on maybe diversifying... at 1:45 a guitar solo would be much appreciated. The beginning and ending however, I feel are effectively simple.

Just a little short of professional... needs vocals, which I may or may not provide. :) Depends on how crappy I sound.

pitbulljones responds:

Hey G9, Maybe you're right with regads to percussion, a ratatat would have worked pretty well, but I do prefer it with gaps, especially early on. haha yea, 1.45 does suit a guityar solo, im in total agreement, I aint a fret wanker, i can riff away but solos aint a massive thing of mine, then again I only need 20 seonds worth a most...hmmm good spot.

Hey bang vocals on all you want, if you work in cubase I'll send you the project files.

thanks for the review.


"...who ever said vintage isn't cool?"

As said by Chron, "this song is begging for vocals tho - some nice brit vocals". You should really collaborate with a vocalist (or maybe train up in your own vocals, never heard you sing) and ultimately complete this song by adding the human voice. Pretty vintage, but who ever said vintage isn't cool? Great percussion, nice guitar melodies... a more dominant bass would have added some more depth to the scene. Chron's comments about the harshness of the guitar are greatest in truth in and around 2:40. Some tone tweaks should make it sound a lot more relaxed, as said.

pitbulljones responds:

Vocals are on their way G9, just a matter of time thats all. Vintage is indeed cool my friend. I know that bass needs sporting i might have to hunt some decent monitors down when i get paid so i can mix it right. right 2:40 duly noted. Thanks for the review mate.

Unimaginative percussion and repetitive melody.

The beginning synth was somewhat dissonant (almost seemed detuned) and the kick drum hammered on with an overall percussion beat that was a bit unimaginative. Melody also was very repetitive. Not to bash or anything, those are just my thoughts. I feel kind of bad already.

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