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2008-02-11 23:45:25 by G9

Just in case you haven't noticed, I have a site up at redirects to blogspot, as I'm not done with the site yet. Feel free to comment with your blogger, gmail, etc... accounts...

Label Scrapped

2007-09-29 21:02:16 by G9

Due to lack of interest and activity, I've scrapped the label site.

Get your music labeled and broadcasted!

2007-08-26 21:10:10 by G9

A while back, I started a podcast that went on to broadcast nearly 30 episodes of Newgrounds music. But as time went on, my time was gone, and I didn't have any left for the podcast. But with the help of a staff, the podcast becomes a tangible possibility for Newgrounds artists to post their work.

Also within this project is a "microlabel" (thanks to LJCoffee). You will submit your work to be judged by a special board of elected/appointed inspectors. We will try to help you get your music sold and publicized for a transition into an Indie or major label.

Also in this site is the ability to post your tracks and get them rated and reviewed. Your profile has plenty of spaces to put in information of yourself, and each profile has its own commentary system, which works much like profile pages at MySpace, etc...

However, I am in need of judges for the review panel and co-producers/co-hosts for the podcast. So either PM me here at Newgrounds or email me at

Now, finally, to the site...

NOTE: Attached is a signature you can use here at Newgrounds to advertise the site. EDIT: I realized that the image got resized, so just check for one of my posts, right click my sig and save it, host it, and use it.

Get your music labeled and broadcasted!

Getting back with NG Audio...

2007-08-23 12:10:40 by G9

Well, looks like G9 is getting back into NG... and I'll start posting tracks again. But because of issues with the submission terms, I'm going to be posting at rather poor quality... but you can always check out the full-length, high-quality versions for free at